New York City an ugly city full of ugly arrogant retarded mental midgets that read Gawker (and treat it as real news), live in a 500 sqft shithole and think they're smart—but you all are arrogant fools ("Y'all" and "you all" are better than any other form of plural you—only arrogant self-righteous scumbags that think "you guys" is better). One that thinks because I live in New York that I can tell everyone else how to live. Oh I would actually want to live in a 500 sqft shithole—thanks a lot.

One would think someone who prides themselves on "tolerance" would not say in response to finding out someone's from Texas: "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Must be difficult dealing with inbred morons". "Same to you, arrogant vulgar inbred asshole. Have you ever heard: Don't speak ill about a place to someone face, you arrogant fool—Especially if you haven't even been there! And we make more money than you, maggot!" is my reply.

Knowing nothing about anything, but thinking they know everything about anything; is the definition of a fool—New Yorkers fit the bill perfectly. Stay in New York and pay through the nose in taxes for all I care.