We homeowners have been subject to problematic populations moving in, and in doing so have decreased property values, increased congestion, and ruin our schools. What must we do to prevent this from happening?

The Problem of decay

Over time anything made by human hands decays, reducing the amount of equity in our homes. This becomes especially true when there is a lot of housing being constructed to compete against. Especially problematic is as the house values go down due to newer nicer houses that young professional bourgeois can live in. Therefore disadvantaged populations move in to our neighborhoods. This provides diversity at levels that are problematic.

We must protect our homes from this menace.

The Solution

We must implement three policies to protect our homes and livelihoods from the barbaric lower classes. These policies are: Strict Zoning, Strict Building Codes, and Urban Growth Boundaries.

Strict Zoning combined with Strict Building Codes work well at a localized level to prevent: low end apartment buildings, cheapo condos, ratty townhouses, (it also works well against strip malls, and power centers, where the middle classes shop.) God Forbid we have to deal with the world changing or the lower classes.

Urban Growth Boundaries prevent those "Evil" Developers from ignoring our restrictions and building new housing and jobs away from us decreasing our land values further. By eliminating competition from said developers we make more money because we are the sole provider of housing in our area.